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Switch lands in Europe

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After kicking off, in the past spring, in style in the USA and having landed in Japan a few months ago, the Switch campaign is fast approaching Europe.

From yesterday, on the contrary, it can be said that the now well-known commercials with more or less famous people who testify how the move to the Mac saved their life (IT), have actually landed on the old continent.

To show the Apple Iceland promotions that from yesterday shows on its first page just what should be a testimonial of the local Switch campaign. Internet sources certify that it would be a well-known figure in the cold subarctic country but, having those who write a poor knowledge of the Icelandic "beautiful world" and an equally imperfect command of the local language, cannot provide any other information.

Recall that Apple Iceland is not fully integrated into the European system of Apple which instead in the Euro area, plus the Scandinavian countries and Great Britain, has a rather homogeneous management. This fact, added to the small size of the market, perhaps favored the departure of the Icelandic countryside before the European ones. A few months ago a rather similar case was the launch of a sort of Apple Retail Store, an all-Icelandic peculiarity as regards Europe and a unique case outside the USA

In any case, the fact that the promotional initiative was launched in Iceland seems to certify Cupertino's desire to extend "Switch" to the whole world and suggests that we will not have to wait much longer before seeing also in other countries, this time closer also to ours, the initiative that is so successful in the USA.

UPDATE: The "Switch" campaign on the Icelandic site, after a few hours of visibility, appears no longer present at this time. The reasons why it was removed are not known