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SwiftKey X: the best android keyboard updates and the spacebar …

SwiftKey X: the best android keyboard updates and the spacebar ...

Certainly the most interesting aspect of Android the possibility of extreme customization that also passes through third-party applications. There is also the possibility of installing alternative virtual keyboards, often, as in the case of SwiftKey X, better than the "stock" on the various terminals.

After celebrating the 5 million downloads, which confirm a remarkable success of the best alternative keyboard for our android terminals, the developer TouchType has announced that it has launched beta version 3 of its famous virtual keyboard.

For the uninitiated, SwiftKey X in addition to providing graphically well-kept themes, has as its main feature the intelligent prediction.

Thanks to this functionality it is not necessary to type the keys correctly since the keyboard β€œunderstand and interpret”What you want to write and automatically corrects it. In this way, there is a really considerable saving of time through prediction which, remember, also works for the Italian language.

For some hours the developer has announced that he will update his application to version 3, currently stopping at version, introducing an even more advanced prediction that will even allow you to recognize words without the user using the space between a word and the other.

To understand what we are talking about we leave you the official video in which this interesting and innovative feature is shown

[yframe url = ’http: // v = TKVYhv8MO9Y’]

We remind you that the keyboard available in the Play Store at a cost of 2.99 euros

[App] com.touchtype.swiftkey [/ app]

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