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SwiftKey announces 50% discount on its keyboard

For those who do not know, or have escaped it, today marks the anniversary of the appearance of the first Android device, or theHTC Dream, an event that, as announced by some rumors, could be celebrated with the announcement of the Nexus 5 from Google.

Leaving aside the rumors, a first concrete and celebratory gesture for this important milestone, Android in just 5 years he managed to climb the world beyond the brightest expectations, the team of SwiftKey, one of the most famous and renowned keyboards for the green robot OS, has decided to offer users the opportunity to purchase their application with a substantial discount. In fact, the Swiftkey keyboard is offered only for today at the price of 1.99 euros, or 50% discount on the natural list price, becoming an opportunity that we advise you not to miss.

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<p>The announcement was made both through the page <em>Facebook</em> of the SwiftKey team, which from the official website in which an article that traces the evolution of Android from its appearance to today has been attached, enhancing the successes that the Google OS has managed to obtain. Below we provide direct links to the <strong>Google Play Store</strong>, where you can buy the application if interested, in addition to the official website page where the discount is shown and from which you can stay updated on all Swiftkey news:</p>
<p>– SwiftKey</p>
<p>?SwiftKey [Official WebSite]</p>
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