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Swarm restores the mayors of Foursquare

With the split into two distinct applications, the possibility of becoming Mayor of the most popular places was lost: go back (on Swarm)


Old hen for Swarm. Mayorship is back, to the delight of users. The possibility of becoming mayor of the places that are most frequented, had been lost with lanuova version of the social network, which had contracted out the check-ins to Swarm, letting Foursquare manage the part of reviews and comments.

With the new mayors on Swarm, which can also be shared on Twitter and Facebook, you will get a badge with a large crown. The restoration of that which was the most fun part of Foursquare, a further attempt to regain users, as well as the no longer necessary registration for use the service.

After the agreement with Twitter, there was a rumor about Yahoo! 'S possible purchase of the platform, but to be attractive, the social geotagging par excellence would need to go back to the glories of the past.


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