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Suse acquires HPE's OpenStack and Cloud Foundry's assets

SUSE has formalized the acquisition of HPE's OpenStack and Cloud Foundry assets that put its business software up for sale

Suse, known for the distribution of Linux, has long played an important role in the OpenStack ecosystem. Over the last few months, the German company, which has emerged as a real leader in this type of scenario, especially now that it is consolidating through OpenStack.Suse has formalized the acquisition of HPE's OpenStack and Cloud Foundry assets. This sale follows HPE's decision to sell its business software (including Autonomy, which cost $ 11 million) to Micro Focus. And the circle closes: Micro Focus owns Suse, which is buying the HPE OpenStack and Cloud Foundry assets. This move will favor the existing OpenStack portfolio and that the acquisition of Cloud Foundry and other assets will allow the company to market the its own cloud service, the Suse Cloud Foundry, a ready-to-use solution for companies. "The driving force behind this acquisition is Suse's commitment to provide open source infrastructure technologies that give corporate value to both our customers and our partners ", he has declared Nils Brauckmann, CEO of Suse . "It also demonstrates the way we are building our business: through a combination of organic growth and technological acquisitions. Once again, this strategy sends a strong message to the world market and the open source community: we are a moving company. "It will also become the default open source partner of HPE for Linux, OpenStack and Cloud Foundry.HPE does not entirely disappear from the OpenStack and Cloud Foundry scene. HPE uses Suse's OpenStack and Cloud Foundry for Helion OpenStack and Stackato solutions, although HPE is keen to stress that this move means strategic evolution to focus on the next hybrid cloud solution