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Surprisingly, eMac arrives! [aggiornato]

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It is an all-in-one CPU of clear iMac derivation with G4 processor, 17-inch CRT screen. Denying the claim of San Francisco 2002 that all the new Macs would have been equipped with an LCD screen, Apple is backtracking and realizes the dream of many users.The machine seems to be aimed only at the education market but in reality both for its compactness and for the competitive price it could have compared to the models with TFT it could easily find a place in editorial offices and graphic and design studios with a cost kept low by the presence of a monitor with traditional technology less subject to the sudden price increases that have occurred in recent months.

The 17 "monitor offers 40% more space than the old 15" and reaches a resolution of 1280 Γ— 960 pixels at 72 Hz with the necessary visual comfort requirements.

The overall aesthetic is a middle ground between the iMac ice and that of the G4 Quicksilver (note the detail of the door of the optical reader and the speakers). The chassis is made of extremely resistant polycarbonate with low fire response. It is possible to mount it on a stand that makes it rotatable 360 ​​degrees on the horizontal and from -5 to + 15 on the vertical.

It is equipped with a G4 700 processor. It can be mounted or a CD ROM (useful for the installation of programs and for a relative security of not copying data on writable media – but also to keep the access price to the machine low) or a comb o (DVD-ROM / CD-RW), which allows both reading DVDs and writing CDs, even rewritable ones.

Obviously in the equipment there are all Apple software. Among the ports: 2 Firewire, 5 USB (actually 3 + 2) a 10 / 100BASE-T Ethernet port, the possibility of mounting an AirPort Card. audio inputs, essential in an education machine.

As far as we are aware, no marketing through Retail channels is currently planned: the machine is also reserved in Europe for the Education channel and is sold through the structures dedicated to this market. This means that only institutions will be able to purchase it school, teachers and students.

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