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Super, the idiot app to share photos and sentences

Super a simple game, to make you laugh twice for free. And in the end not so stupid

Photo: Jelly Industries(Photo: Jelly Industries)

funny, no matter how stupid. an app by Californian Jelly Industries, who had already shown talent with Jelly. This is called Super, you find it periOS and for Android, and the developers swear that in programming it they have made great laughs – which they also wish users.

Enter the site and click several times on the glasses: here you make a laugh, you have to admit it. Then try the app, which then the same thing, that allows you to take pictures or selfies to which to add a pair of virtual glasses, which you can customize to find the most stupid. Then you add your own thoughts (which you can also categorize), to try (if you want) to push even more on the surreal. Finally share. a way to attract attention, to write something that is not lost among the thousands of lines that run under our noses every day. Apart from the visibility, it does not serve any other purpose.

True, Super does not change the world but gives you 10 seconds of relaxation. Not very little. And in the end it's not so dull as it appears at first sight.


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