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Super Mario Run, the test

Nintendo DNA is not proven wrong, even in its first real mobile game

Vote: 9 | Price: 9.99To find out more: Super Mario Run

See Super Mario Run jumping on the iPhone screen during the last Apple keyonte was a bit like admiring the classic moment of the 80s cartoons in which the Voltron-style mega robot assembly scene started. The union between Apple and Nintendo has in fact the connotations of a strategic alliance in which the result greater than the sum of its parts, even when the parts are already large by themselves.

However, I still had several questions on my mind: but will it really be a Super Mario-style game?The market is not already full enough of stocks endless run? Okay, the late Satoru Iwata had retracted his decision not to bring Nintendo games to mobile, but are we really sure about this game?

A few days ago in Milan I had the opportunity to touch Super Mario Run with my hand, or rather with a single finger, and luckily the impressions are not that of being in front of yet another mobile game, but an intelligent translation of Mario's language, made of precise jumps, timing and exploration of the map, in a language understandable to smartphones, tablets, but also alliPad Pro.

The game divided into three sections: Worlds, Challenge and Castle. The first is the most classic, there are six worlds, divided into four levels to be completed in sequence within a certain time and avoiding falling into a cliff or being touched by one of Mario's various classic enemies, while trying to collect as many coins as possible .

Touching the screen Mario jumps and the more we keep our finger pressed, the more we will jump up. But since Super Mario Run is played with one finger, it is not possible to decide when and how to move the mustachioed plumber, who will always run forward. However, in some moments it will be possible walk on special boxes that can alter the direction or in case of tap on the screen or that will block it until we touch it again with the finger. In this way you can catch your breath and find the right time to overcome sections with platforms or obstacles that move following a precise pattern.

If you want you can also bounce against a wall and reverse the running time for a few seconds, so reach higher areas, perhaps rich in coins or other bonuses. For each level there are three attempts available, after each death a bubble will take us back to the nearest check point to start our race again. If during a game in a level we find five pink coins we unlock a slightly different version of the aforementioned level, if in this different level we find five other special coins we unlock a third version. A choice that actually triples the available levels.

In some cases the architecture of the level will not be based on a movement to the right, but upwards. For example in one of the classic style levels haunted house you have to go up, avoid the ghosts and choose the right door to change the screen and get to the end of the level before time runs out. The architecture of the levels in general designed to ensure an increasingly frenetic pace and reward those who will learn to know its dimensions, secrets and the right times, as it should be.

To make things easier for the players, when Mario finds himself in front of the Koopas, the classic self-propelled mushrooms that have always tormented him, in the event of a collision will not be damaged, but will simply bypass them. This decision was made for make the game a little easier, but trust me that it absolutely does not correspond to an intention to create a simple and banal title. Super Mario Run perfectly able to offer the same level of challenge, anger and exaltation of its counterparts on portable and non-portable consoles.

The sensations that you have during a game are in fact the same that millions of players have experienced during all these years in which Mario has been part of the videogame universe. Mushrooms, little stars, enemies, sounds, Bowser, levels in the clouds or in deserts: everything in its place, we are not faced with a mobile game that tries to take advantage of a famous brand, the Super Mario Run DNA that of a race horse, 100% Nintendo.

If the worlds are not enough for you and you are looking for something different, Challenge mode It will allow you to compete with friends and strangers in a race against time in which not the one who reaches the end wins, but the one who performs the best stunts. In Challenge mode, in fact, we will have to run along levels created at random and assembled using various parts of all the game worlds, trying to perform multiple jumps, combos and other moves that will enhance the virtual spectators of our performance. It is good to point out that during the race we will not be able to interfere with our opponent, but we will compete with a sort of ghost who performs his recorded game: not a direct clash. at home all the collection. To compete in this mode you need tickets, which can be won in the third and final mode of the game: the Castle.

You have to know that, as usual, Bowser arrived in the world of Toad, made a mess, destroyed everything and obviously kidnapped the Princess. So Mario, in addition to saving his beauty, will have to rebuild the kingdom, using the coins acquired in the other ways. We will then be able to buy new homes for the Toads, flower beds, special buildings, seasonal decorations and so on. Some buildings will allow us to unlock new characters, including Yoshi and Luigi, equipped with different jumping modes that will allow you to play with a different perspective.

Among the buildings that we can buy there will be one in particular that will allow us to access a minigame, available every 24 hours, that will be giving away tickets for the challenge mode. It is not yet clear whether these tickets will also be available as microtransactions, but this would not be strange.

Anyone wishing to try Super Mario Run without spending the 9.99 euros requested by Nintendo knows that there is a free mode which gives access to the first three game levels, the Challenges and the Castle mode. Of course, the figure is not very low, but honestly the offer of Super Mario Run definitely in line with the higher end mobile games and absolutely played by a title that shows an overall quality much higher than the average of the mobile titles.

There is only one big problem that prevents Super Mario Run from reaching perfection: the request for a persistent connection, designed to avoid piracy. We understand Nintendo's needs, but honestly letting everything fall on the user does not seem the best solution.

Some might think that the choice to bring Mario to mobile is a leseest, a fall of style by Nintendo, but that someone perhaps forgets that Pokmon Go has greatly driven the sales of the whole brand, so maybe who knows, maybe among the many who will discover Mario on mobile someone will want to take a ride on the old classics. If the thing still does not convince you worse for you, you will miss a title designed for hard and pure players.

WiredA Mario game in all respects; very precise commands, a lot of worlds to explore.

TiredCost a little high; Challenge mode could have been developed a little better.


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