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Sun, 1.2 GHz processors

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The new UltraSparc processors from Sun arrive. They are characterized by more speed and less energy consumption.

Sun unveiled its new 1.2GHz UltraSparc III processor; the chip will be available in 120 days and built by Texas Instruments.

The new UltraSparc adopts a technology that allows you to reduce its size; this allows, even with high operating frequencies, lower consumption and less heat production, responsible for errors and crashes.

While Intel accelerates the release of its processors more and more, reaching unthinkable frequencies and constantly increasing the power reached, Sun has accumulated a serious delay on its roadmap, which envisaged the introduction of UltraSparc IV for this year.

Producing new higher-performance processors has therefore become a pressing need for Sun, if it wants to be able to maintain key positions in the entrprise sector, where it has long been attacked by cheaper Intel-based machines or by powerful computers equipped with IBM's Power4.

[By Marco Centofanti]