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Storm2 arrives in Italy with Vodafone and Wind

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Storm2 lands in Italy. The announcement of the forthcoming launch of the second generation of Rim's touch mobile phone, designed to compete face to face with the iPhone, which arrived today from Vodafone Italia and Wind, simultaneously.

The new BlackBerry Storm2, as written several times, integrates a new version of SurePress technology, based on an electronic suspension system, which return tactile feedback to the user when the touch screen is pressed. The new technology reacts to pressure evenly over the entire screen surface. Rim promises easier, more comfortable and accurate typing. The new SurePress technology also allows you to type a letter with a finger while with another finger you type or hold down another letter, thus allowing faster interaction and multi-button actions such as the combined use of Shift o Alt.

Storm2 has a renewed design: beveled corners, chrome plating, glass lenses and the stainless steel back cover. Among the features also the 3.25 ″ high resolution display (360 x 480 at 184 ppi), support for global connectivity: UMTS / HSPA (2100Mhz), EDGE / GPRS / GSM quad-band and Wi-Fi (not present in the first version) (802.11 b / g), 3.2 MP camera with variable zoom, autofocus, flash and video recording, 256 MB flash memory with 2 GB of integrated memory and support for microSD / SDHD memory cards up to 16 GB (32 GB as soon as they are available on the market). The Storm2 has a technology with background noise suppression, speaker without voice distortion and recognition of the approach to flight thanks to the proximity sensor, which prevents accidental key presses and renders the screen inactive when engaged in a call.

It includes the BlackBerry Desktop Manager for both PC and Mac, in addition to the BlackBerry Media Sync, useful for easy synchronization of the smartphone with iTunes and Windows Media Player.

Integrated GPS for maps and other location-based applications, such as photo geotagging and access to the BlackBerry App World as well as the obvious BlackBerry Internet Service and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The removable 1400 mAhr rechargeable battery offers approximately 6 hours of 3G voice service and 280 hours of standby time

The new BlackBerry Storm2 will be available in all Vodafone stores and on the online shop at a price of 499 euros. Wind offers it at the same price with a free 16 GB card.