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Stories on Instagram: how to best create them to be successful

Stories on Instagram are a very powerful tool for creating engagement with your audience. Find out how to create engaging stories by planning a strategy.

Want more views for your Instagram stories? Looking for suggestions to create stronger Instagram Story content? In this article, you'll find six ways to improve your Instagram Stories to get better audience engagement.

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<p class=How to create Instagram stories that users love to see

Stories on Instagram for engagement tactics

If you look through the Instagram stories to see how the brand contents are, you'll find out most of the contents of the stories are not so engaging. There are many possible reasons for this: perhaps the brands are not aware of all the features of Instagram Stories available or simply they don't have the time to develop creative content.

Without a clear engagement goal for Instagram Stories, you're practically running out of time, money and other precious resources and for this reason having a clear strategy for Instagram Stories is so important. Take your time to develop a strategy for your Stories and you will have a roadmap that will help you create content that your followers will find engaging.

The strategy could include a list of the types of content you want to share, such as blog posts, suggestions and more, and the decision on when you want to publish such content. You can then use the features of Stories as stickers and surveys to encourage interaction with the public.

If users are not interacting with your stories, you may ask yourself if you have saturated the market with your messages, perhaps your message is not distinctive, or your audience does not find you engaging. The good news is that these are suggestions they will help you start producing content that your followers will want to seeis.

1: ask the audience for the content of your stories

Consider asking for feedback to find out what kind of content is interesting to your audience and when they want to listen to you, but don't leave too many choices for your followers. You will get a better answer if you keep things simple, for example, instead of asking people for a specific time to post your stories on Instagram, ask them if they prefer that you publish sooner or later in the day.

For more elaborate survey questions, invite your audience to interact with you through comments or by sending a direct message. This way you can interact with your followers as you collect feedback to help you improve your stories.

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<h2><span class=2: Create Stories when your energy level is high

To create engaging stories, you need a positive mentality. If you are stressed and trying to do too much or are shy with the camera, be reflected in the content you produce, which could turn off your audience.

To solve this problem, you must always be at the top every time you publish a Story on Instagram. If you follow the sport, you will know that professional athletes must be active every day. Try to adopt the same mentality: you have to start practicing and work up to their level.

First, think positively, then analyze everything you are doing e plan your Instagram content when you are at your highest energy levels. If you need to plan your stories, a tool like Agorapulse can help you.

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<h2><span class=3: Stimulates engagement with adhesives

Instagram Stories stickers they can add interactivity to your stories and make them less static and boring.

The stickers also allow you to add a question to your Story so you can assess whether your followers are interested in something. If you're discussing what video to create next, switch to the video camera and talk to your audience by publishing a series of video ideas. Ask them to vote for the favorite by selecting a custom answer or by dragging the cursor.

instagram stickers

Including a countdown sticker in the History allows you to draw attention to a moment or event. When a user touches the arrow next to the sticker, can register to receive a reminder. You will see this activity in your notifications in order to get an indication of the level of interest to your event.

The question stickers not only allow you to engage viewers, but also to get valuable feedback. You could record a short video, share it with your story and invite others to answer a question. From there, you can reuse the answers you receive and turn them into a blog post.

Remember: when you interact with the spectators, guide them. If you ask them to leave a comment on a story or to send you a DM, make sure to be available to answer. Regardless of your industry, you should constantly look for opportunities to talk to your followers, either via video, DM or comments.

Instagram allows you to re-share posts in stories and this not only adds variety to the content of your stories, but also helps build relationships at the same time.

To record a public post in your Story, open the post and tap the arrow button below the image.

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<p>Create strong and engaging Instagram stories that stimulate sharing. On the displayed pop-up menu, tap the Add to History button.</p>
<p><img class=5: Experiment with longer videos

Tools are available that allow to create longer videos for Instagram Stories. Longer videos allow you not only to tell a longer narrative, but also to have more opportunities to interact with your audience.

storeO an app for iOS that divides videos into 15-second clips, perfect for stories. You can record a new video with the app or split an existing video. The app available for free, but to remove the watermark from the clips, you will need to purchase the paid version.

To create a new video with the app, tap the camera icon at the bottom left of the screen and then tap the Record button. If you want to import an existing video, tap the movie icon at the bottom right of the Home screen and select the video from your camera roll.

After recording or importing your video, tap Export as X Slice to split the content.


Storeo saves the individual clips, in order, on the camera roll. Simply open the Instagram webcam and upload the clips to your Story to create an uninterrupted video experience.

6: Save your best stories to highlight albums

If you want to engage the public through the Stories on Instagram, why not show your best content in a more permanent way? The Instagram Highlights Album let you save the content of the best stories on the Instagram profile.

To create an album of highlights, open your profile and tap the + icon in the Highlights section of the story below the biography, then select the content of the stories you want to add to this album; after tapping Next, type a name for the album and select a cover image. When finished, tap Add to add the album to your profile.

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<p>You can create custom covers for each album <strong>with your favorite graphics program or use a template</strong>.To get a direct link to a highlight album, press and hold on the album e <strong>select Copy link from the pop-up menu</strong>.</p>
<p><strong>Over 500 million people use Instagram Stories on a daily basis</strong>. For your personal story content, you may feel like you can't keep up with the needs of the audience. Not only are you trying to manage your business (especially if you are self-employed) but you don't even have enough deep pockets and the big teams that many big brands have.</p>
<p>Fortunately, you don't have to keep up, you just need to change your work process to create more engaging stories.</p>
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