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Stop the Apple 15 ’€ ™ monitors?

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According to some American sites, including the SpyMac rumors page, Apple has communicated to local retailers the disposal of the 15-inch model of its LCD monitors.

The news, although it is all to be verified in relation to the certainly not exemplary reliability of the source (SpyMac in the past has often proven to be very inaccurate and reliable), seems to be placed in a coherent context in which Apple is caught committed to maneuvers that could involve the display sector and the compartment that includes the iMac.

In fact, it seems reliable that Cupertino can put a hand in view of the end of the year to the monitor list by renewing the range and limiting some inconsistencies. The current products were launched some time ago and there is still a 'hole' between the 17: 4: 3 model and the 16: 9 cinema display range that could be bridged with an 18 or 19 inch wide screen model. This dimension is among the most requested by the market and could be very interesting for the DTP market. In addition to this, Apple could also take advantage of the opportunity to resign the 22-inch Cinema Display and reposition the 23-inch on its price levels.

In this context, it could be credible that Apple could cancel the 15-inch monitor, whose place could be taken by a new 'widened' 17-inch display, the same one that is used by the iMac.

The maneuver on the monitors would, as mentioned, take an overall breath that would also involve the iMac range which the 15-inch range has long been claimed to have been canceled or extremely scaled down, replaced by a prevalence of 17-inch screens.

If such an operation is carried out, it is possible that its implementation is not too distant. By involving the consumer segment, it could be expected that it will arrive between the end of October and the beginning of November.