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Stop MusicMatch for Mac.

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Stop a MusicMatch for Mac. –

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MusicMatch one of the most popular services / software for listening and burning MP3 music on the web.

While Dell, Gateway and HP, in these hours, announce and expand their collaboration with MusicMatch by offering MusicMatch access to Radio MX for their customers, the Mac version (the last update dates back to last year) will be discontinued. that the PC synchronization software of the Windows version of the iPod, Jukebox, has been developed by MusicMatch: the new version 7 does not support it but 7.5 will soon be available which, as well as the following ones, will allow the management of the Apple peripheral.Jennifer Roberts of MusicMatch has ensured that Mac users who want a refund of what they have spent on the subscription, will find satisfaction (details will arrive in the next few days via email). "As we have to focus on what we do best and since most of our Win- users user, we made this decision ”was the official justification.

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