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Still away from the iTunes movie store

Still away from the iTunes movie store logomacitynet1200wide 1

Anyone expecting a quick appearance of Apple's movie store is wrong. The section of iTunes dedicated to the sale of Hollywood films still to come. This is what we learn from an article published yesterday by Businessweek.

According to the financial magazine, the hope of seeing the store in operation as early as the fall based on the fact that some analysts take it for granted that Apple and the film majors are close to an agreement, but not so. Indeed, there are still strong divergences on both copy protection and pricing methods, differences that are not easily resolvable. According to sources cited by the magazine and close to the negotiations, it may still take "months and months before the final handshake is reached". This would place the movie store on iTunes as part of the things we will see, as Variety assumed yesterday, during 2007 and not during the fall.

Apple's hope to unravel the game of negotiations above all on the single price (Cupertino wants fixed-price films, the producers don't) in the Disney ally. The Mickey Mouse company could indeed agree, thanks to the good offices of Jobs, the largest private partner of Disney, accepting the conditions proposed by Mela and launching the blockbuster Cars for $ 9.99, the price Apple wanted. In this case the other producers could also follow suit.

The hypothesis certainly does not seem strange given that Jobs is the largest private partner of Disney and that this operation has already been implemented with the launch of the TV series of iTunes.

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