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Steve Jobs: autographed floppy disk for auction for 7,500 dollars


How much is Steve Jobs' signature worth? Apparently, very. Or at least, this is what the auctioneers of the auction house claim RR Auction, who estimate a $ 7,500 the value of a floppy disk signed by the Apple co-founder in person.

To be precise, the storage medium in question dates back more or less to 1988, and contains Macintosh System Tools 6.0 software. To increase the valuethe auctioneers explain, is also the rarity of the signature: it seems that Jobs (photo in the opening along with Steve Wozniak) was rather reluctant to write autographs. As reported in the description of the object:

This is a highly desirable form of Jobs's autograph, which is rarely seen. He was known for his reluctance towards autographs, so much so that he often refused collectors' requests.