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Steinberg's response to Apple's purchase of Emagic

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Steinberg's answer to Apple's purchase of Emagic – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Here is the translation (hopefully faithful) of Steinberg's press release:

"Hamburg, July 2, in connection with the recent announcement of Apple's acquisition of Emagic, Steinberg Media Technology AG has no problem admitting its surprise at this move.

Steinberg values ​​herself as a pioneer in multiplatform development and as one of the strengths for bringing the PC platform to the ability to provide hardware for professional music and audio production.

Steinberg has no intention of leaving the Mac platform and is continuing development for Mac OS. With Cubase SX Steinberg continues the cross-platform strategy with the support of Mac OS X and Windows XP. Team work with Apple developers, always productive and friendly will probably continue in the future. "

The message ends with the offer of cross grade for PC users who want to switch from Logic to Cubase SX for PC for 299 Euros, keeping their original package. It remains to be seen if Logic's Win users will switch to Cubase or to the Mac …

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