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Stanza updates and supports Retina Display

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Stanza updates and supports Retina Display –

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After becoming a universal application, landing on iPad earlier this month, the Stanza digital book reader has been updated again. Once again it is an extremely full-bodied patch, which aims to fully support the iPhone 4's Retina Display technology for better text reading. The differences are obvious, and even if, due to the smaller screen, the reading can never be as natural as its iPad, the owners of the new Apple device can only be satisfied.

The new version of Stanza also supports rapid exchange between the various applications, useful if you want to stop reading for an instant and resume it without having to restart the software. But not all, because from now on it will also be possible to open eBooks directly from applications that support it: in case you receive e-mails or web pages containing PDFs, you can in fact decide to read them by opening Stanza. For those who have not yet downloaded it, Stanza is available for free on the App Store and, thanks also to a good database of books to download or buy, it is established as one of the best applications of its kind.

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