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Stanza updates and arrives on iPad

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Stanza updates and arrives on iPad –

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Stanza, one of the most popular applications for reading books in digital version, has been updated on the App Store to version 3.0. This is a really massive update, which brings a whole series of interesting news: first of all the support for iPad, thanks to which it will be possible to read your eBooks more comfortably on a larger screen. The application adapts automatically, inserting more characters on each page than the counterpart for iPhone and iPod Touch.

The other big news concerns the support for PDF, DjVu and Comic Book Archive formats, highly anticipated by all users and which becomes even more significant if you think that, with all devices with firmware 3.2 or higher, it will be possible to transfer your books on your computer using iTunes File Sharing. In addition, it will now be possible to open books directly from web pages or from email attachments, while Stanza has been localized into new languages ​​(including Turkish and Bulgarian). The application available for free on the App Store.

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