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Spotify, try the function to follow the lyrics of the songs

Spotify, try the function to follow the lyrics of the songs

Spotify It is going to re-introduce song lyrics within its platform. "Bring back", yes, because several years ago the functionality was active on the desktop, to then be removed. It could be a new challenge to Apple Music, which introduced the texts in the tab with iOS 13.1 In Playback.

The test is in progress on a limited number of users in some countries, including Canada, Indonesia and Mexico: here it is already possible to read the text of the song being listened to in its entirety, therefore not in a limited way as foreseen by the option Behind the Lyrics: the latter, in fact, does not want to be a function of reproducing the text of the piece in sync with the audio, but a tool to deepen and receive additional information alternated with extracts of the text itself.

A tweet from a user who has found the lyrics of the songs among the features of Spotify

These are the words of a Spotify spokesperson reported to TechCrunch:

We can confirm that we are testing this functionality in a small number of markets. In Spotify we always try new products and experiences, but we have no further information to share right now.

All we know, therefore, is that the service is provided in collaboration with Musixmatch, and that is active on a few accounts. Surveys conducted over the years had confirmed the interest in this type of function, and now it seems that Spotify is pressing on the accelerator to make it available to its 105 million paying users (data for the third quarter of 2019) in order to counteract an increasingly fierce competition: not only Apple Music with its 60 million users (in June), but also Amazon Prime Music, which would be growing at a record pace.