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Spotify Premium Free on iPhone, iPod and iPad with BDaySpotify

Spotify Premium Free on iPhone, iPod and iPad with BDaySpotify


Some Premium features on Spotify for free with BDaySpotify. How to have Spotify Premium for free (some features) on iPhone, iPod and iPad with Bay Spotpotify

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I think all of you, at least once in your life, have used the program Spotify to listen to streaming music for free. As we know,Spotify one of the most popular programs and services today to listen to streaming music (free and paid, according to your needs). Users, according to their needs, can choose whether to use Spotify for free (with limited functions and banner ads) or for a fee (Spotify Premium, which by paying 10 per month offers additional functions and eliminates advertising).

What if I told you that there is a way to get Spotify Premium (or almost) without paying for the subscription? If you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad with Jailbreak, in fact, there is a Cydia tweak that allows you to have many Premium Spotify functions for free. Without paying anything, in fact, with a Cydia tweak you can have many Premium Spotify features without subscribing to a paid subscription. It may not be like having Spotify Premium for free, but you will get very close to it.

So let's see together how to get Spotify Premium for free on iPhone, iPod and iPad with Cydia's tweak which we will reveal below.

The tweak that I point out to you is called BDaySpotify and provides us with these advanced features:

  • Listen to all songs without forced random mode
  • The infinite possibility of skipping tracks
  • Ability to return to a previous song
  • Set the maximum streaming quality
  • Repeat a song.

In practice, as you can see, with this Cydia tweak you can have many of the Premium features of Spotify without paying for the subscription. You can disable the random play of songs from Spotify, you can skip all the songs you want without limit, you can go back to listening to the previous song in Spotify, you can listen to the songs of Spotify at the highest quality. In short, you will have available many features that are usually only available with Spotify Premium!

Unfortunately can't download songs from Spotify to listen to them offline, but I would say that we can already be satisfied with all these features offered by tweak. It will be almost like having Spotify Premium for free, right?

BDaySpotify compatible with the latest version of Spotify available in the AppStore. A tweak to try, right?

Where to download the BDaySpotify tweak? DownloadBDaySpotify

If interested in tweak, you can find it here:

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