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Spotify now requests the location to avoid abuse of family memberships


From now on Spotify will want to know your location, the reason? Users are staying increasingly abusing family memberships offered by the music streaming service, which are used in a different way than expected.

Spotify intervenes in family passes to prevent mischief

In August, Spotify already has changed the terms and conditions for family season tickets subscribed through the Premium version, which now require users to report their position from time to time. This is to ensure that users related to the subscribed family subscription, actually belong to the same family.

The new terms and conditions will come into effect gradually, as happened in the United States on September 5 and in Ireland at the end of August. Customers have 30 days to accept them or reject and leave Spotify.

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The music streaming platform had introduced family memberships to allow a family of share the costs of a subscription. However, more and more users have grasped the term "family" in one way far too wide, sharing the cost of the Spotify subscription with friends and colleagues.

The cost paid by a single user of 9.99 per monthand, while the price of a family season ticket rises to 14.99 per month and can be used by up to six people, who it drops to just 2.50 by dividing the cost by the latter.

Definitely a paltry price considering the big offer made available in terms of music, from the platform. Sly, however, that now it can no longer be put in place after Spotify's interventions, which will now definitively prevent such a trick.

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