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Spotify for Apple Watch, the app finally arrives

spotify for apple watch

Spotify for Apple Watch now available. The music streaming service has finally launched an app for Apple Watch

Apple Watch users, rejoice: Spotify now available "by the wrist". The music streaming service has finally added an app for Apple Watch that allows users not only to use music playback controls, but also to access playlists, favorite songs and DJs with Spotify Connect speakers.

Spotify for Apple Watch the wait over

The Spotify app for Apple Watch was long overdue. Although previously you could access playback controls like Play / Pause, previous / next track and volume on the Apple Watch, the smartwatch's default controls were pretty basic.

The new Spotify app for Apple Watch allows you to do all of the above, but with just a touch and more adequate controls. For example, you can go back 15 seconds in a podcast, view playlists and songs, favorite songs. You can even connect to Spotify Connect devices, such as a WiFi speaker or a laptop.

a step in the right direction to give the Apple Watch apps a necessary boost. But it lacks still one of the main features we all want: streaming music via cellular network. At present, Apple Music is the only music streaming service capable of streaming over a cellular connection.

Spotify the favorite music streaming service

Nothing against Apple Music: a solid music streaming service that improved a lot over the years, but Spotify still the favorite music streaming service by many who prefer not to live in Apple's fenced ecosystem.

How to install Spotify for Apple Watch

To get theSpotify app for Apple Watch, make sure the smartwatch has been updated to the latest version of watchOS, then update the Spotify app from the App Store on the associated iOS device. Spotify says it will be distributed to Spotify users over the next week, hopefully also in Italy, so if you don't see it it will appear on your Apple Watch immediately, hold on, it will come.

spotify for apple watch