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Spontime, the social network that does not make you stay on social networks

The app simplifies the invitation system, so that it is easier to organize something to do and therefore spend less time online


What's the best way not to spend too much time online? Switch it offline.To do it for, you need another social network. So at least he thinks Spontime, an app that launches proposals for friends to spend time together.

The simple concept: the app designed to easily send invitations for aperitifs, coffee breaks, lunches and various tours. Facebook groups or the classic tweet were not enough "I'm in town, who is joining for dinner?". Obviously, no. Spontime plays on this nuance: they are the friends who adhere or not to what the user intends to do.Just post the invitation, and see who wants to participate.

The creatorKarolinaDemianczuk, a 21-year-old student, explains that each friend receives a personalized notification, therefore the mechanism generates a much more private perception than the mega group chat.The app seems suitable for small communities, universities, offices but it could be a good service even for gatherings of friends during quick trips. Just wanting to subscribe to another social network.


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