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Splash Case: the silicone case for iPod nano

Splash Case: the silicone case for iPod nano logomacitynet1200wide 1

Whoever buys an iPod wants to show it off reasonably, since it is an object with a refined aesthetic, rather than a jumble of plastic and bulk buttons of any other MP3 player. How to combine the need to protect its forms with the desire to show it? One of the possible solutions is the transparent silicone covers of PowerSupport that combine the protection of the device without mortifying its aesthetics with covers that are too opaque.

The "Splash Case" specific for the iPod nano has many arrows to its bow: the structure in soft silicone resists water and shocks without sacrificing functionality. All the controls are easily reachable and on the sides of the case some ?cuts? have been obtained in whose recesses the headphone cables can be rolled up.

Appropriate plugs on the base and on the bottom of the case repair the iPod from the weather, although the company itself specifies not to completely immerse it in water to avoid potentially irreparable damage. The Splash Case offers good protection against dirt, dust, scratches and liquid splashes, so don't ask for more.

The case costs $ 35 and can be ordered directly from the company's online store.

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