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Speed ​​Cameras Plus: road warnings on offer for iPhone

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Speed ​​Cameras Plus a new program for warning and signaling driving the speed control stations created by Zirak, the same developers as the appreciated EasyTrails GPS and DocumentScanner. Among the strengths of the software we mention the possibility of operating even in standby, that is, with the iPhone screen turned off, thus significantly reducing energy consumption and increasing autonomy.

Another advantage is the possibility of importing points of interest (POIs). In fact, it is possible to download points of interest from any website or use those of your favorite satellite navigator, to import them into the application via the same sharing page already seen in EasyTrails GPS. Thanks to this function it is possible, for example, to import POIs and the speed camera database for a foreign country, thus making the software also useful for warnings during holidays and when traveling outside of Italy.

Autovelox Plus can be completely configured by the user. It is possible to choose to be notified always, or only when we exceed the speed limit. If we decide to use the application with the screen off, it is possible to activate a warning to report even when we have passed the speed camera. During a section controlled by Tutor we are notified at regularly configurable intervals. It is also possible to choose whether to be always informed or only if our average speed exceeds that imposed by the Tutor route, another trick to avoid distractions and save battery.

We remind you that the program database includes fixed and mobile speed cameras, motorway sections controlled with SICVE / tutor system, traffic lights with speed sensor, limited traffic zones, ecopass zones and also dangerous points. The developer ensures constant updates for the points of interest database and new features for future versions.

On the occasion of the launch and until Monday 21 December, Autovelox Plus on offer for only 79 cents.