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Space Miner: shooter and space role-playing game for iPhone and touch

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Space Miner: space shooter and role-playing game for iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

In Space Miner: Space Ore Bust we play a new pilot driving a space junkie. Uncle Jeb has already explained everything to us: shooting asteroids and collecting metals is a peaceful job. Within the game, the work rendered with a realistic space flight session, complete with simulated physics and 3D graphics with particle effects. Space Miner for much more than a successful Asteroids to the nth degree: in the rich storyline of the game we are called to unravel the plans of the Mega Space Corporation, with a series of missions and adventures that will lead us to run around in the most remote corners of the galaxy.

Of course, as can be expected in space games from Elite onwards, our rubbish can be improved with regards to weapons, engines, load capacity and much more. Developers provide thousands of possible combinations for upgrades, upgrades that improve our performance in battle, mining and so on. In the game we will be called to escort other spaceships, to save a bossy executive from the hands of a gigantic robot, to save some space tourists and much more, all while we will observe the transformation of our rubbish into an out of space series.

In the United States Space Miner: Space Ore Bust has already been acclaimed by critics and players: the 48 sectors to be explored and exploited with mining, the successful plot full of twists and humor, up to a soundtrack and to the high-level audio effects, ensure hours of fun. Someone has already called it the best game that has appeared on the App Store since its introduction. In short, for fans of the Space Miner genre: Space Ore Bust seems to justify the purchase price of 3.99 euros on the App Store above the average of the titles for iPhone and touch.

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