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South Park (and other programs) arrive on the iTunes Music Store

The list of iTunes Music Store content is getting longer. After the landing in forces of ABC, NBC and Universal, a series of networks arrive including MTV, Comedy Central and SoapNet. Let's see briefly what are (and what seasons) are appearing in the US version of Apple's digital store.

The N presents South of Nowhere (season 1)

SOAPnet presents Soapography (season 1)

Nickelodeon presents SpongeBob SquarePants (season 1), Dora the Explorer (season 1), Zoey 101

MTV presents Beavis and Butt-Head, Laguna Beach, Wonder Showzen, Gauntlet 2, My Super Sweet 16 (seasons 1-2), Jackass, Punk?d (seasons 1-3)

Comedy Central presents South Park (seasons 1-2), Drawn Together (seasons 1-2), Best of Comedy Central Stand-Up

ABC Family presents Wildfire (seasons 1-2)

Various Disney short films

It should be noted that while the related pages on the iTunes Music Store in the US are being activated, it is becoming increasingly clear that Apple is about to double the success of the "music" version of its online store. TV contents, compatible with iPod video, are not available for any other market except for the American one and there are no official communications about when European "branches" will eventually be opened.

The digital TV show opened by Apple on October 12th 2005, with 2000 music videos, five television series (including Desperate Housewives and Lost) and six Pixar shorts. On October 31 it had sold 1 million episodes, and on December 6 3 million. Finally, during the Macworld in early January, finally, the announcement that sales exceeded eight million products. For Pixar, 125,000 copies of his shorts were sold during the first month.