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Soosiz: the platform that defies gravity on the iPhone and touch

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iPhone and touch are a great platform for video games, although purists happen to miss not so much a real joypad, when titles that offer the same gameplay as consoles. Or maybe both. The new Soosiz platform certainly cannot provide a real but also cumbersome joypad for iPhone and touch, on the other hand the developer has devised a series of tricks that can circumvent these problems.

Instead of creating an omnidirectional joypad, Soosiz simply requires two buttons, to go left and right, plus the classic jump. What might seem like a limitation of movements, then brilliantly resolved by an original and innovative game physics, even if clearly inspired by Super Mario Galaxy. Within a 2D world with well-kept graphics and in pure cartoon style, Soosiz can jump on nearby platforms regardless of whether they are below, above or on our sides. Gravity and orientation take on a completely different meaning in Soosiz: the movements of the protagonist are followed by a complete rotation of the game pattern that brings the shot straight to our gaze.

Thanks to 7 different worlds and all made with meticulous care, 65 game levels to be explored in every direction and above all to a playability that would not disfigure on a console, Soosiz has already been defined as one of the few, real platforms available on the App Store. Some U.S. reviews even compare it to Mario's historic titles for Nintendo consoles. Without going so far, out of the question that Soosiz certainly deserves a look for every player worthy of the name.

It is available on the App Store at a price of 2.39 euros. Below are the screens provided by the developer and. further down, also a YouTube movie.