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Sony unveils DualSense, the futuristic controller of Playstation 5

Sony starts from the pad: in fact, the official presentation of the console is missing, but the Japanese giant has decided to show, and announce some details of the controller of the next console: Take the name of DualSense, and it seems to be the controller of the future. Here are photos and features.

The Sony DualSense wireless controller from Playstation 5 is particularly innovative compared to the current DualShock for PS4. First the shape, more futuristic, and with a double coloration, which many believe can also be taken from the console. Among the news adding tactile feedback, which will replace the classic rumble vibration, so that we can give players a variety of different sensations. Still, the pad incorporates adaptive triggers buttons L2 and R2, so you can really feel the tension of the actions, like when you bend a bow to shoot an arrow.

DualSense, here is the Playstation 5 controller

News also affects the front buttons; the player will immediately notice the absence of a "Share" button as in DualShock 4, now replaced by the "Create" button. With this Sony will offer players new ways to create game content to share with the world or just to have fun.

DualSense also adds a microphone integrated, which will allow players to easily chat with friends without the headset, ideal for starting a quick conversation.DualSense, here is the Playstation 5 controller

As for colors, Sony has decided to go against the tradition of the single color. This time, in fact, the pad will have two shades. The light bar also changes, which will now give an extra touch. On DualShock 4, it was located on the top of the controller, while it is now located on each side of the touchpad, giving it a slightly wider appearance.

DualSense, Sony explains, has been tested by a wide range of players with a variety of hand sizes in order to achieve the desired level of comfort, with great ergonomics.

While the new DualSense controller has rekindled the imagination of the players regarding the design of the PS5, which at this point could recall the two colors of the pad, Sony is still expected to show the console to the public. To date, the Japanese multinational has announced the main technical specifications, which do not seem to have fed the thirst for curiosity of millions of players around the world.

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