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Sony, the console war is over

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Sony, the console war is over – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The war of the consoles ended. To sign the declaration, Sony univocally. "The battle for dominance in the sector – said the American leader of the electronics giant, Kaz Hirai – officially ended yesterday. Our advantage over competitors similar to the distance between the two sides of the Grand Canyon'Hirai, to reinforce its theses, brings the data achieved by the sales of the PS2 during the last weeks and specifically during the last seven days during which it went in force the new price list that has discounted the price of the console on the US market by $ 100. "Our sales" said Hirai "have increased from 500 to 800% according to the stores" Sony says she is confident in a further and subsequent strengthening of the market share. An adapter for online gaming will contribute and numerous exclusive games designed by the major world companies, such as Electronic Arts, are developing for Sony.Nintendo and Microsoft, the two main if not unique competitors of the Japanese giant, however, reject the sender's triumphalistic proclamations and even without rattling off data, they claim that the market is also offering satisfactions to them with growing turnover and numerous game producers who are about to release new titles compatible with both X-BOX and GameCube

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