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Sony presents three new car radios ready for iPod, iPhone and touch

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Sony presents three new car radios ready for iPod, iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Sony presents three new generation car radios designed for listening to digital music and all ready to work in conjunction with iPod, iPhone and touch. The XAV-70BT and XAV-60 models integrate large touch-sensitive screens with a diagonal of 7 ″ and 6.1 ″ respectively. Thanks to the high graphic resolution of 800 × 480 pixels, they allow you to reproduce photos and even DivX videos, also always from the screen you can browse the music collection in the player and manage music playback.

Sony engineers paid particular attention to ensure the best quality of use: the components of the power supply and the circuits for managing video and audio are all separate to avoid any interference between the signals. Through the integrated USB port, you can connect not only all Apple paperbacks but also Sony Walkman players and any other MP3 player. To speed up searches for your favorite music, the two new car radios integrate the Zappin and SensMe functions. With the first, the system reproduces short extracts of the entire collection so the user can choose the desired songs. With the SenseMe function, Sony's technology automatically catalogs the music by creating 21 thematic channels such as Dance, Relax, Emotional and so on, in this way just choosing the most suitable mood according to the occasion. Recall that the model of car radio XAV-70BT also equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows you to play music wirelessly and also to make hands-free calls.

Finally we remember the Sony DSX-S100 car radio with a hidden compartment to accommodate the Apple paperbacks and any other MP3 player. Once the pocket is inserted and the panel is closed, the compartment is completely invisible: in addition to keeping the reader safe, this solution avoids annoying wires on the dashboard and in the car interior. To navigate and manage the music offered a two-line display from which you can browse by artist, album, genre, playlist, files and folders.

XAV-70BT and XAV-60 will be available from April 2010, while DSX-S100 will be available from May 2010.

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