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Sony continues to believe in Transmeta

Sony apparently satisfied with the experience with Transmeta. After having released in the last few months a first laptop equipped with the Crusoe chip, in fact, the American branch of the Japanese giant will today announce a second laptop always "powered" by the processor designed by the company in which Linus Thorvald has an important part. The new laptop, called Vaio PCG-C1VP PictureBook, will have a chip that the evolution of the 600 MHz processor used in the first model. It is a 667 MHz Crusoe that has some refinements in the management of the x86 code translation system and in energy saving.We remember that the Crusoe chips use a proprietary operating scheme that makes them able to run normal PC programs but only with a sort of "recompilation". This makes them slower, at the same clock, than a native x86 chip. The advantages of Crusoe are in the consumption, lower than that of the Intel processors and in the heating which is defined by Transmeta as "insignificant". We remember that after the initial enthusiasm many computer manufacturers have postponed or canceled their plans for adoption of Transmeta chips believing that the benefits brought about by the lower consumption were not sufficient to justify a decrease in performance that for some appears quite relevant.The new Sony, which costs $ 2000 on the American market, has a 8.9-inch screen and a 15GB disk and 128MB of RAM. Its strength is its size and weight as well as the equipment of an integrated camera.