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Sonos Five: compact and versatile power alone or in pairs with Airplay 2

Sonos Five: compact and versatile power alone or in pairs with Airplay 2

Even if the new Sonos Arc smart premium soundbar has taken the honors of the first page in the technological news of yesterday leaving a little behind the new edition of Sub and the update of the coming software, the arrival of Sonos Five, evolution of Play: 5 definitely deserves a small insight.

Sonos Five, like the model from which it is made, in fact today the only Sonos speaker to have an audio line input, in the Santa Barbara company models the other devices that have a physical input are AMP connected amplifier and Port preamplifier.

Sonos Arc the all-round smart soundbar with Dolby Atmos for films, TV series and music

Five, which is available in a Black (with black grid) or White (with white grid) version, in reality a small power monster capable of replacing in many cases what was once the classic stereo to be placed in the bedroom, in the bedroom children, in a small living room or in a spacious kitchen ready to welcome a sea of ​​quality music.

Just as for Arc, the spatial aspect of the soundtrack of films and TV series is privileged thanks to Dolby Atmos and the particular configuration of the speakers, on Five we have an original configuration that is difficult to guess from the external aspect but which becomes very clear when listening.

On board Five there are in fact not only six digital Class D amplifiers optimized for the acoustic architecture of the speaker but also an array of speakers arranged on the entire front surface to create a concrete "wall of sound" thanks to three mid-woofers for the frequencies medium-low vocals and intense bass without distortion, even at high volume, three tweeters (one central and two oriented external-front to amplify the sound field in the most directional part of the audio range.

You can position Sonos Five wherever you want because thanks to the "Trueplay software and an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with which you will move for a few minutes in the room you can dynamically optimize the speaker based on the acoustics of the environment. In any case, you can adjust the ups and downs from the app and manage volume, play pause and tracks on the top of the speaker.

Sonos Five: compact and versatile power alone or in pairs with Airplay 2

We said of the analog line input with 3.5 mm jack to connect a "traditional" device such as an iPod, iPad or even a recent turntable (with line output) and to create a musical atmosphere even outside the home.

Sonos Five can also be used outdoors in the evening but cannot resist rain while it can be an excellent musical companion in the kitchen and a powerful presence even in the bathroom or in damp environments.

If placed horizontally, Five automatically distinguishes the left and right channels while vertically and in copy each FIve will automatically adjust in mono mode for a distinct stereo sound and an even wider sound field.

Sonos Five: compact and versatile power alone or in pairs with Airplay 2

If we talked about line connectivity, we neglected the main feature of Sonos systems: the possibility of operating as multi-room systems in combination with other Sonos speakers and with Airplay 2 compatible speakers and with the possibility of control through Homekit. Furthermore, if you use Five in pairs, you can make them work as a very powerful surround system, especially in the low range: by combining them with Sonos Arc, you could postpone the purchase of the SUB at a later time.

Five can also be connected directly to your router via an Ethernet cable and can also be controlled by voice via a small Amazon Echo speaker for playback of Amazon Music, Apple TV. In any case, from the Sonos S2 app, which can be managed seamlessly from the iPhone, iPad and Android, we will have internal music libraries, over 100 streaming services and the new Sonos Radio.

Sonos Five can be ordered immediately on or at retailers for 579 Euros. General availability starts on June 10th.