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Sonnet also brings the G4 on the Mac 7200 and 8200

Sonnet also brings the G4 on the Mac 7200 and 8200 logomacitynet1200wide 1

Until yesterday the only way to speed up a Mac 7200 (or the Tower version of the same marketed in Europe the 8200 model) was to insert a 512 or 1 Mb module in the cache slot (the best price / increment ratio performance is obtained with the 512K cache. But now Newer has announced a series of boards capable of drastically accelerating the PowerMac 7200 and 8200 by equipping them with G3 and G4 processors with its Crescendo line.

But how do these accelerators work? In the case of Macs with a 603 processor such as the 5500/6500/5400/6400 and 4400 the cache connector allowed to connect to the system bus and implement an accelerator that exploited and exploited the features: in this case, not all the necessary signals are present and, not having 7200 and 8200 of a slot for a processor like the models 7500/7300 8500/8600 and being the supplied 601 processor soldered on the motherboard the only system to access the Bus was to use PCI slots.

But if the memory is on the motherboard it does not work efficiently with the accelerator board and so Sonnet has equipped its cards with the housings for 3 DIMMs where at least 50% of the computer's global memory must reside. In this way, by transferring the chips larger memory on the accelerator board and leaving the smaller chip on the motherboard to perform start-up operations. Obviously the memory on the motherboard and on the accelerator are completely exploited by the CPU (even if with different efficiency) allowing to further expand the RAM capacity of the 7200/8200.

Another problem solved by Sonnet was that of the very slow bus with which the old Macs are equipped: through a 66 Mhz independent bus on the accelerator board it is also possible to exploit the processors with speeds exceeding 400 Mhz.

Sonnet also ensures the compatibility of its G4 model with all applications that take advantage of Altivec.

And here are the planned configurations:

CrescendoG3 400MHz – 512 Backside Cache $ 399.95
CrescendoG3 / 7200 400 – 1M backside cache $ 499.95
CrescendoG4 400 MHz – 1M backside cache $ 599.00

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