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solidThinking 5.0 LT also available in demo version

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The CAID software allows industrial designers to face aesthetic and ergonomic problems by combining them with those related to functionality and used to develop the shapes of cars, watches, bottles, telephones, packaging and any other product that surrounds us.

In 1992 GESTEL presented on NEXTSTEP / OpenStep solidThinking platform which, in June 1993, was awarded the best application of the "CAD and 3D" category during the NeXTWORLD EXPO held in San Francisco.

In October 1995, on the occasion of SMAU, it was listed among the best software products in the context of the Industrial Design award. The port of solidThinking on Windows, announced in September 1997, involves thousands of enthusiastic beta testers all over the world leading to the creation of a software application that quickly established itself in the world of industrial design as one of the reference products for the whole sector. Announced during SIGGRAPH 99, solidThinking 3.5 takes NURBS modeling on the Windows platform to a new level with hundreds of new features and improvements.

A year later, solidThinking 4 also available on the Mac platform. SolidThinking today the only truly complete and multi-platform 3D solution for the creation of three-dimensional models of the highest quality and prototypable with the possibility of displaying them with the best photorealistic representation techniques.

solidThinking LT 5.0solidThinking LT the new 3D modeler "for everyone" that is aimed at designers, illustrators, creators of multimedia content and for the internet but also the ideal tool for design communication, its strength is the combination of factors such as the ease of use , the power of its modeling tools and the particularly aggressive price.

User interface The solidThinking LT user interface carefully designed to minimize the number of commands necessary to perform an operation. The controls are easy to understand thanks to clear and explanatory icons. SolidThinking LT allows the definition of four different grids, each with its origin, spacing, type and color. It also has numerous Snap options that provide valuable help in building models.

Nurbs management and modelingsolidThinking LT manages NURBS curves and surfaces (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline) offering by far the most powerful and flexible modeling technique. The solidThinking LT toolset includes, among others, the creation of surfaces from a network of curves or from any number of sides, union between two or more surfaces, chamfer, intersection of surfaces, bolean operations, surface cutting, reconstruction of curves and surfaces, etc. solidThinking LT offers an advanced polygonal modeler with support of polygons on sides . Subdivision Surfaces technology allows maximum power to create finished and smooth polygonal models.

Rendering and VETsolidThinking LT supports PhotoRealistic, RenderMan, and BMRT (Blue Moon Rendering Tools) rendering engines, allowing for perfect integration. The VET (Viewpoint Experience Technology) plug-in also allows you to export and integrate your 3D models into HTML web pages. thanks to the Viewpoint Media Player developed by Viewpoint.

Data exchangeImport and export plug-ins include IGES, DXF, 3DStudio, 3DStudio Max, Lightwave, Maya, Rhino3D, RIB, VRML and others.

Open architectureThe PDK (Plug-Ins Development Kit) contains documentation for developers and users who wish to create their own modeling tools and rendering plug-ins. Code examples are provided in the PDK to provide a programming reference guide.

Basic requirementsMac OS 8.6 or higher Hardware: G3 Power Macintosh or higher 100% OpenGL / DirectX compatible graphics card and with at least 16 Mb RAM (32 Mb or higher recommended) graphics card with at least 16 Mb RAM (32 Mb or higher recommended) Memory: 64 Megabytes of RAM (128 or higher recommended) 200 Megabytes or more of free hard disk space USB port Screen resolution: 800 x 600 (1024 x 768 or higher recommended) color depth: at least 16 bit / 65000 colors

It is possible to download a 21-day trial from the website of the Italian manufacturer, Gestel.

The software is distributed in our country by Abacus