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Social Media Marketing: the numbers of online conversations

social media marketing

An analysis carried out with the Talkwalker platform highlights some interesting data and ideas. How much, where and how do we talk about social media marketing? Who are the most influential users? Here are the results

An analysis of social media for marketing issues, conducted by Talkwalker over the last six months, highlights the distribution of conversations on the topic of social media marketing in Italy and outlines a picture of the most active and influential profiles in this online conversation segment.

The study analyzes the Top 50 hashtag most used by marketers in the last 6 months in relation to the #socialmediamarketing theme. The top ten stand out in the top positions: #SMM, #socialmedia, #marketing (all over 30 thousand mentions in the period in question), #DigitalMarketing (over 20 thousand mentions), #socialmediamarketing, #SEO, #contentmarketing (over 10 mila mentions), #GrowthHacking and #business.

It is interesting to note that the social media is quoted #facebook followed by #instagram, and that the most trendy themes associated with social media marketing, according to marketers, are in the order: #SEO, #contentmarketing, #growthHacking, #SocialSelling and #InboundMarketing.

social media marketing

Marketing on Social Media: who speaks about it

Among influencer sector names and famous faces of the national digital marketing scene stand out. The profiles of professionals (people, not companies) who in the period in question recorded the highest engagement on Twitter are those of Antonio Grasso @antgrasso (6.8k), Riccardo Scandellari @skande (4.6k), Francesco Corvino @ fraasco85 (2.2k ), Luca Rallo @lucarallo (1.6k) and Gabriele Carboni @gabbariele (1.4k).

For what concerns the gender of the profiles taken in analysis these are 68.9% male and 31.1% female, mainly between 24 and 34 years (44.6%) and between 35 and 44 years (28.9%), followed by the segment 18-24 years (18.2%).

social media marketing

Marketing on Social Media: Digitalic analysis

Downstream of this analysis of Talkwalker, Digitalic editors focused on a shorter period, centered on March, to get more details and information.

The first concerns the regions in which the highest number of conversations were recorded in March on marketing, social marketing and social media marketing. To prevail in the period in analysis, on a sample of over 11 thousand conversations, the Lazio (58.9%), followed by Lombardy (16.8%) ed Emilia Romagna (7%).

social media marketing

The themes and the sentiment of conversations

For what concerns the media on which conversations are more concentrated and lord over the period in question, on a sample of 9.9 thousand conversations state Twitter (74.6%), followed by blog (13.4%), from online news (9.3%) and from Facebook.

THE themes of these conversations were: brands / companies (64.1%), emotions (26.7%), people (7.3%) ed events.

As for sentiment, the Talkwalker platform identified a prevalence of neutral (75.8%), followed by the positive (19.6%).

To identify only the marketers, in this further study the criterion has been set that limits the search only to those who have in their bio the terms marketer, social media, social media, marketing and smm.