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Snipers in Afghanistan use the iPhone

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The British The Mirror reports that soldiers in Afghanistan are using an iPhone application called BulletFlight provided to the shooters chosen to calculate how the wind and rotation of the Earth's axis affect the firing of bullets.

Snipers use ballistic software loaded into the iPhone to hit long-range targets. It also appears that allied forces are also using an Xbox 360 controller to drive robotic vehicles. Low-cost supercomputers were built starting from the PS3 chips used mostly for the development of new types of radar. Experts from BAE Systems (English aerospace and defense ociet), Rolls-Royce, Airbus and the Williams racing motor racing team are working in concert on devices that use game consoles to test new gadgets.

Stuart McDougall of BAE System is developing 3D graphics technology for PS2 exploited for military engineering purposes and said that the military has always invested in specific technologies but also that modern gadgets are so powerful and competitive that they are suitable for the purposes. more disparate.

Blulletflight available on the App Store in three different versions: from 2.99 euros, from 9.99 euros and in the more expensive version from 23.99 euros.

BulletFlight is only one of the supplied iPhone software approved by the US military for use in Iraq and Afghanistan: other software provides maps, books and survival tactics.

(By Mauro Notarianni)