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Snapsearch, to find new Snapchat friends

Snapsearch, to find new Snapchat friends

Developed by the Iqui team, the application available for iPhone and Android. Here's how it works

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That Snapchat be the social of the moment, what is known. Created by two Stanford students, the instant messaging application allows you to share with your friends content that is destructing after a few seconds. Some numbers on the success of Snapchat? Every day about 400 million snaps are exchanged, not counting the offer of 3 billion dollars advanced by Facebook, and the resounding rejection of the two founders.

Iqui's team has identified one weakness of Snapchat, or the difficulty of finding new people to chat with. Today, in fact, we need to know the precise user name. And here comes into play Snapsearch, application downloadable for free and usable with the same credentials of Snapchat. To use it, you must specify gender and year of birth, so you can proceed with the search for other users who have installed and configured their profile on Snapsearch. As specified on the Iquii blog, the search keys are gender, age range. Pro users have the ability to filter search results by distance, and find the closest users.

Snapsearch available for iOS and Android and has already had more than 2000 downloads on the launch weekend.


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