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Snapchat: the app changes, a new design is coming

Snapchat App Redesign

Many people complain that the Snapchat App is confused, now comes a new Design that also serves to prepare the IPO

Many people complain that the Snapchat App is confused and that using it is not so immediate. The company, which is preparing for the OPA, has seen fit to tackle the problem to meet the interests of potential investors, in a deal that could only reach the phantasmagorical figure of 20 to 25 billion dollars for ads.

App Snapchat, also changes for the stock exchange listing

The first changes were made yesterday and make the app more accessible and simplified in use, but there have been improvements that have involved both the ability to search and the display of profiles. A new search bar, clearly visible and sharp, allows you to switch to conversations with friends by simply typing their name or clicking on Bitmoji personalized, that nothing else than the old BitStrip made emoji, bought by Snapchat for more than 100 million dollars last July. Not only do searches become faster, but they allow you to avoid having to navigate inside the menu to access what you prefer to view. SNAPChat exploits the new search bar to easily find media partners, who daily create content on the app, like CNN for example, through the Discover section. But not everything, Snapchat is also focusing on the Stories, or video clips that can be not only personal, but also connected to latest news, sports, music or entertainment events in general. It is possible to define a group of Best Friends, the best friends, or rather the contacts with which we relate more frequently, a function already present in the past that had been eliminated a couple of years ago. Currently the changes will be available for a limited number of Android users who will enjoy the version beta of the app, but – soon all the other 150 too.Snapchat App Redesign