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Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or Icq: which masks to choose on social media

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or Icq: which masks to choose on social media

From Icq to, via Facebook and Messenger: all the masks available to change your appearance before taking a photo or sharing a video

"Try the masks!" Says Instagram. the update announcing the arrival of a new set of filters on the social network: a convertible car in motion designed as with the stroke of a white marker and a night mask (the mask of a mask, in fact) with closed eyes drawn over the mask design. There is also a filter with hearts-and-kisses-and-arrows-of-Cupid who do what they want around the face taken in the room. The Facebook home app is committed to offering, piece by piece, some facial filters for theStories, which manages to match the offer of the strongest of all in the sector, Snapchat (spoiler: nobody has made it yet).

Jim Carrey made some premonitory films ("The Truman Show", above all), but who knows what he would have thought in 1994, when "The Mask" came out if they had been told that "mask", in 2017, would have picked up yet another, new meaning. Snapchat thought about it with launching the challenge to everyone, with masks based on facial recognition and now that it raises the bar with vocal filters (continuing to offer new, visual, on a regular basis), the others replenish their offer .

As from the gallery, many services continue to revive the filter fleet: Instagram does it, as above, Messenger, Facebook (now also in Live), (say you want to make a playback video styled like a watermelon) ?) and also Icq. Turbans, Toro-Sitting model paintings, but fluorescent, glasses as if there was no tomorrow, tiger ears, cat, koala, puppy, bear. Hipster beards, mustache retr, bat teeth, hats of all kinds. The filter that makes you male, the one that makes you thin, the one that makes you overweight, the one that makes you very makeup, the one that makes you beautiful: tell me what mask you use, I'll tell you who (not) you are.


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