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Snapchat, 20 tricks to use it better after the update

Trucchi Snapchat

A series of tips to make the most of the social photo application for Android and iPhone in all its features

Snapchat cheatsFrom Pixabay

What are i best Snapchat tricks to learn immediately to be able to use it to the fullest? The latest update has brought several features in some of the areas of the social application currently used by 191 million users every day. The most discussed news of the last period have certainly been those of the homepage interface that you have seen a full-bodied update on November 29, 2017 resulting in a petition with 1.25 million signatures that led the CEO Evan Spiegel to retrace his steps.

What are the news and how to use Snapchat to its full potential? We have selected 20 practical tricks to learn right away.

1] Access the new 100000 filtersLens Explorer

With the introduction of the new feature called Lens Explorer You can access a library of over 100,000 new filters including those created by users themselves. Currently available for iOS, it may soon arrive on Android.

Made with the free computer program called Lens Studio, you need to open the make application a tap on the smiley icon when the list of lenses active and then you can go to choose the one you want, also through the internal search engine.

2] Use the effects for the rear cameraSnapchat World Lens

Often the rear camera is not considered, which can go to use many effects thanks to what are called World Lenses and that are activated simply with a tap on the screen

3] Retain Snapchat messages indefinitely

Normally Snapchat messages disappear after 10 seconds of being displayed. But you can stop this limitation by going to manually set the limit down to Infinity. Just click on the last quick settings icon below text, drawing and so on.

Of course, the message will continue to be deleted when the recipient leaves the conversation.

4] Draw with emojisDraw emoticons

possible to go to draw with emoji in a very simple way. To start, just open the edit mode with a pencil icon and click on the Emoji icon under the color bar. You choose the one you want and then draw.

5] Use the quick controls on video

THE quick commands during video recording they are comfortable, you can swype the bottom upwards in the screen to zoom, while to change the camera from the front to the back just a simple double tap on the screen itself.

6] Combine the effect of multiple filters

possible combine the effect of multiple filters together in a very simple way you just need to apply a filter, then hold down and tap with another finger proceeding to the next.

7] Watch out for the redesign of the redesign of the storiesSnapchat new stories

There has recently been a redesign of a redesign of the Snapchat stories with friends who are live at a specific time. It is now on the right side as it was previously but they are displayed as rectangular tiles instead of in the list. On the left are the personal conversations.

8] Send a quick message in a Snap

can send a quick message to a contact while viewing one of his stories simply with a swipe upwards by opening the keyboard and going to write the text.

9] Automatic play of stories

If you want to go to set the again automatic play of stories from one person to another by default, you can simply tap the triangle icon at the bottom of the screen and choose the appropriate option.

10] Reduce data consumptionSnapchat Travel Mode

To go to reduce Snapchat data consumption especially while you are traveling and maybe you have a limited package just go to Settings then Manage and activate the travel mode option which significantly reduces the use of data.

11] Use friends' emojis on Snapchat

Snapchat goes to put some emojis near the number with the contacts especially if we have a particular relationship with the aforementioned. From Manage you can go to Friends Emoji or Friends Emoji to learn what they are and what they mean for example the two hearts means super best friends forever the heart as best friends forever the yellow heart as belonging to our closest group of friends and so on.

12] What is the Snapstreak for?

The Snapstreak a number that indicates the consecutive days with which you had an interaction with a friend and therefore we find the number the fire icon with the icons of the friends mentioned above.

13] Find out who canceled you

Even if you do not receive notification of those who are no longer in contact with us, you can go and open it Snapcode, i.e. the immatine with the indication of the username and the icon of your profile. If the Snapscore is no longer present then it means that it is no longer following us.

14] Create an offline Snap

In case there is no internet connection this is not a problem because it is possible to go and create one Snap and save it and then send it as soon as the connection returns. The function becomes available on its own as soon as you try to publish and there is no signal.

15] Keep conversations on SnapchatSaved Snapchat messages

To go to prevent them conversations on Snapchat are canceled just hold down on the chat bubble and go to save it for later.

So that the next time you open the conversation you will just have to scroll upwards and you will see the one saved If you want to reset this function just go to tap and hold it again

16] Look at Snapchat's memories

Even if Snapchat the social application that is based on the ephemeral, it is actually possible to save elements in the Memories which can be found by swiping the camera down. More: there is also the section Only for my eyes / My Eyes only for the memories that only you want to see.

17] Adjust the privacy of messages on Snapchat

If you don't want to be disturbed you can set the privacy of receiving messages only by friends or personalized only some of users or still public.

The latter case if you have no particular problems receiving messages from anyone who knows your username. For the configuration just go to Settings and Contact me.

18] Use Snapchat's smart search

With a search function you can go looking for only one particular contact with username But also the friends with whom you keep more or a specific event that is mentioned in the stories of the public simply go to open the search and write what interests you.

19] Look for stickers on SnapchatSearch for Stickers

For a quick one search for stickers in conversations just use the search keys and then write some keywords such as heart, bicycles, glasses and so on.

20] Make a group chat on Snapchat

To carry out group chat on Snapchat just hold down on a contact and then select the other to go to create the real group.


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