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Smartwatch market growing despite the pandemic. Apple always reigns

Spotify updates: integration with Siri lands on Apple Watches

Apple continues to dominate the smartwatch industry, according to the latest Strategy Analytics research. Overall, the Apple company shipped 7.6 million Apple Watches in the first quarter of 2020, representing the 55% of the entire market. In other words, more than one in two smartwatches is Apple.

Two interesting pieces of information are that the market has grown overall: we are talking about a total of 14 million devices, + 20% compared to the same period of the previous year. It was not obvious, given the complicated international situation due to the coronavirus. We have seen other sectors in sharp collapse, such as smartphones (not to mention cars); the pandemic and quarantine, on the contrary, may even have helped the spread of smartwatches, more than anything else for the functions related to fitness and health monitoring.

Despite the passage of time and the competition took a long time to adapt, Apple continues to strengthen its position domain. In short, the response of others has not been adequate. It is worth noting that Samsung, number two per unit sold (1.9 million), fell from 14.9 to 13.9% of share. Garmin, the number three, has instead grown, going from 7 to 8% of shares (1.1 million total units).

As with many other markets, a sharp drop is expected in the next quarter, again due to the aftermath of the pandemic. But the recovery should be rapid: there is talk of growth already in the following quarter.