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Smarther Bticino X8000 thermostat review, beautiful and intelligent

Smarther Bticino X8000 thermostat review, beautiful and intelligent

More and more intelligent and connected houses thanks to the numerous peripherals available on the market today. There is no shortage of lights, alarms and sensors of all kinds, but with the cold now in full, here is also the smart solution for heating the house. Macitynet tests the Smarther Bticino thermostat, among the most aesthetically minimal and pleasant solutions, which can also be controlled outside the home thanks to the app for iOS and Android. Here's how it works, how it works and how to install it.

First the compatibility. Before buying the thermostat, you should know if it is compatible with your heating system or not. To do this, simply go directly to this address, where a guided tour will allow you, only after a few questions, to know if it is possible to install the thermostat. In principle, the compatibility is really high, and in most cases there will be no problem in the installation.

Smarther Bticino thermostat

It is good to know, however, that in first configuration phase mandatory to have an internet connection active for the entire commissioning phase, so that the thermostat can be correctly registered on the home network. Once the first installation is completed, the thermostat can be controlled on the local home Wi-Fi network via the app even in the absence of internet connection.

In the absence of internet connection you can control the thermostat but from only one smartphone at a time. The following video will help you understand how to install the thermostat. The advice, if you are not practical, is to contact a trusted installer. The procedure is really simple, but a professional in the sector will certainly do better.

In addition, as a general guide, it is good to know that if you have a battery-powered chronothermostat in your home, you can replace it with a smarther, being careful to also bring 2 wires for 230V power supply to the wall box.

If you don't have a box but only the cables that come out of a conduit, you can save the intervention of a bricklayer by purchasing the surface-mounted version SX 8000W. (in the image below)

After installation, the time comes for first configuration. In this case the steps to be taken are really simple. Simply download the Thermostat application, free of charge in the App Store or Google Play, therefore compatible with iOS and Android, to activate your system.

By starting the app, first of all, we are reminded to activate the GPS (for the automatic location of the system, a choice that is not mandatory, but recommended). At this point you will have to choose a name for your home, enter the location and choose whether to locate the system or not. Not mandatory, but advisable to do so: only in this case, in fact, the application will be able to return the external weather, thanks to third party location services.

Once done, you will have to press the button located in the left corner of the thermostat, to activate the WiFi module of the thermostat: at this point you will have to connect your smartphone or tablet to the network created by Smartert, which will have the name of WiFi thermostat. In this way the smartphone will be connected to the thermostat, but the next step is to connect the thermostat to the home network, choosing your connection and entering the router password.

At this point the configuration may be complete, but it is possible that the app still requires a step: the configuration of the IP. In this case, you will have to press once again the button in the upper right corner, until the word "IP" appears on the thermostat: at this point, always on the thermostat screen, a series of numbers will appear (192.168.x.xx ), which the user must enter within the app on the smartphone. The configuration is certainly completed, and it will be possible to start using the thermostat.

As did

The Bticino smarther sold in two different versions. Both aesthetically identical, with the same functions, differ only in one detail: the X8000 version (tested by us) to be recessed into the wall, while the X8000W wall version. The dimensions of the peripheral are approximately 12.6 x 8.7 x 2.8 cm, therefore similar to any switch plate. Completely white, the thermostat made of plastic, but the glossy finish gives it a glass effect, which makes it even more precious to the eye.

Very clean and minimal, the thermostat marked by candid colors, mainly white, broken only by red and blue icons, for manual temperature settings, and by a red LED strip, which symbolizes the boost function, which we will talk about shortly . On the front, the white LED display stands out, where information on temperature and humidity is shown, divided into three different windows, reachable via screen slides.

The panel, in fact, incorporates a soft touch control system: just touch icons and run swipe to manage it entirely. The first window shows the home temperature detected by the thermostat, the second the desired temperature, and the third the humidity level.

Also on the front there are icons that symbolize the various functions: WiFi icon, power on / off icon, hand-shaped icon, which shows the user when in manual mode. There are relatively few sections and possible interactions: there is everything you need in a few taps, always within reach of the tap. In a few clicks, in short, you will be able to obtain the desired effect, without having to lose yourself in complicated under men.

From the thermostat, it is possible to set the desired temperature in the home manually, through the blue and red icons that appear when you slide on the screen, reaching the second window (the first the temperature detected in the house, the third the humidity). Furthermore, pressing the small Play icon located on the left activates the boost mode, for 30, 60 or 90 minutes, which will allow you to heat the house in a short time or to obtain a comfortable temperature as soon as you enter the house; when the timer expires, the pre-set program will run again.

Programs and apps

If the thermostat allows you to set the basic functions, sufficient for a complete use, however the application is the real "plus" of such a peripheral. Primarily because it allows all users of the family to set the desired temperature even outside the home; secondly, because it allows you to program the thermostat for fully automatic operation, as well as providing extra features, which are particularly useful, especially related to geolocation.

Program the thermostat using the simple app. First of all you can choose between daily or weekly programming; the latter allows you to create daily programs and copy them on the days of the week, so as not to have to set them one by one.

For each day of the week, simply choose the desired time interval, and assign each one a temperature. Of course, you can choose to keep the heating system off at certain times of the day, turning it on, for example, only in the time period of your interest. After setting the program for a single day, you can copy it, in a single click, on all days of the week.

In any case, whatever the program set, it will always be possible, both from the app and from the thermostat, to manually intervene to change the temperature, enter the mode boost for 30.60 or 90 minutes, as it will be possible to switch it off at any time.

It is easy to think, in this way, to intelligently manage your heating, turning it off when you suddenly leave, or turning it on at a different time from the pre-set one, if the temperature requires it. Among the extra features of the app also those related to location.

This allows you to receive personalized notifications if, when you leave the house last, the program is still set to "at home" mode, with the system on. In this way, you can choose to turn off the system, saving in consideration of the absence from home.


The Bticino Smarther thermostat, probably the most minimal from the aesthetic point of view and, net of subjective tastes, among the most beautiful to look at. It works well, easy and intuitive, it takes just a few minutes to fully understand its operation and exploit all its potential. The use from the app not only allows you to manage the system at any time, without the need to physically interact with the thermostat, but also to save on consumption, for example by deactivating it when you are away from home.


  • It offers an excellent response to direct control
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • It does all it needs
  • Use iOS and Android apps comfortable and precise


Retail priceThe model we tested (in the Bticino demo box) isSX 8000 which can be installed in a normal three-seater 503 box, there is also a model SX 8000W which can be mounted on the surface where the simple cable duct with the contact and power supply closing wires arrives. The current retail price ranges from 127 to 149 euros depending on the retailer (those linked are the prices on Amazon) .Your trusted electrician if Bticino installer, he can make you an ad hoc offer.