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Smart speaker with display: Google challenges Amazon Echo Show


Google intends to compete with Amazon Echo Show via smart devices with displays based on its digital assistant

Google intends to compete with the Amazon Echo Show via smart devices with display based on his digital assistant. Smart displays that incorporate digital assistants will arrive "by the end of the year". The first devices will be released by JBL, Lenovo, LG and Sony and will be in direct competition with the Amazon Echo Show.


Smart speaker with Google Assistant based displays

Google Assistant is already active on many devices, including smartphones, speakers and even headphones, and soon it is also making headway in a new category of products called smart displays, entering into direct competition with the Amazon Eco Show.

Smart displays are basically like smart speakers, but with a screen that provides pertinent information: for example, the device starts Google Maps when you ask for directions and gives you the option to send them to your phone; will also allow you to make video calls via Google Duo, watch videos on YouTube and check the images stored in Google Photos.

Google Smart Display in collaboration with JBL, Lenovo, LG and Sony

Google has announced that it has collaborated with JBL, Lenovo, LG and Sony, which will begin selling smart displays "later this year". Lenovo has already presented a device of this kind at CES 2018 and will arrive on the market this summer.

Sony products will be based on MediaTek MT8173 SoM, while those made by the other three companies will use the Qualcomm SD624 Home Hub platform. All will be based on Android Things with integrated Cast.

It is possible that Google will also release its product in this category, even if nothing has been confirmed yet on the matter; it would make sense, however, given the attention that Google is placing in this area of ​​development.

Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show