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Smart Lock Nuki Combo 2.0 review: the automatic door opener with Bluetooth, HomeKit, Alexa and Google

Smart Lock Nuki Combo 2.0 review: the automatic door opener with Bluetooth, HomeKit, Alexa and Google

A smart lock system to be mounted alone on your door for many types of use: that of Nuki that for several years has produced a smart lock with a simple look and capable of interfacing with many home automation solutions including those of Apple with Homekit.

We tried it in the Combo 2.0 version with the additional Wi-Fi access and here you will find a review with galleries of the various assembly steps and the installation and control interface. The European cylinder test lock with double-sided key. Check that in the one already installed in your home there is the possibility of opening from the outside even with the key inserted inside.

How Nuki 2.0 works

It is a system that literally eats your key and makes it integral with the motor that turns it to obtain temporary opening or block with one or more rotations. Communication takes place via Bluetooth up to 8-9 meters from your phone or, if you purchase the additional bridge (included in the package we have tried), also via Wi-Fi from any distance both from your smartphone and from the Web once connected to the Nuki service .

Smart Lock Nuki Combo 2.0 review: automatic door lock with Bluetooth, HomeKit, Alexa and Goggle on offer today

Nuki is also compatible with Homekit and once paired (thanks to the insertion of the code on board) with the Casa app you are able to manually, vocally or automatically lock your lock both at night and when you leave home. Of course, you can also control it with Alexa, Google and IFTTT by combining it with other smart home devices.

The excellent system also to grant temporary access to your home or office to strangers both for periodic visits (the cleaning staff) or occasional visits (the courier, the electrician, the plumber) and whether you want to rent your apartment or garage.

How to install it

As you can see from the images below, the installation is very simple and the manual needs very few figures to help you. Obviously you must have a compatible lock and you must measure the depth of the element that carries the key: based on that, you will choose one of the connection plates to which to fix the element with the motor. Obviously, first you will have to disassemble the plate that hides the actual lock and then make sure to lock the rotation mechanism to the old lock with 3 Allen screws.

At this point, after activating the lock using the app and after having calibrated it, you will be able to manage it remotely with your smartphone and you will have the advantage that internally it can be managed with a knob (if you want to open it manually to save batteries through its mechanical transmission ) or automatically by pressing the central button of Nuki which also acts as a control to activate synchronizations and firmware updates (just long press to activate these options).

The excellent smartphone control software as it already provides a whole series of automations related to the position, then of the day and at security conditions that you want to establish.

The screens in the gallery show you the various options including that of opening times and key reset.In the images we also show you the Homekit integration which is also very easy for the automation management: you can make the door close when you say "Goodnight" to Siri with single, double or triple delivery, you can prepare it with just one click during the day and so Street…

Nuki 2.0 uses common alkaline batteries and able to warn you in case of near depletion of the energy needed to power the engine. Battery life obviously depends on the number of openings and closings per day.

As already mentioned, installation, configuration and management of the device are very simple. The only problem that could arise, on an aesthetic and non-functional level, derives from the thickness of the door: in some cases the lock cylinder may be very protruding and leave the mechanism a little detached from the internal face of the door itself: if the internal protrusion of the cylinder less than 3 and more than 2 centimeters, a connection ring may be needed to hide the detachment but in any case the functionality would remain unchanged. Under the 2 cm protrusion there are no major aesthetic problems.

The magnet that reveals the opening

In the Nuki 2.0 package there is also a strange black square: a magnet that must be positioned in the fixed part of the opening to identify whether the door is open or not. Everything is managed through an installation procedure that requires the door to be closed, wide open or slightly closed. This type of option, even if not currently reported in Homekit (perhaps an additional sensor could be used here), useful for a particular condition: you unlocked the door to let someone in but this did not close the door and therefore useless rearm the single or double delivery the safety lock would work empty.

With the magnet activated we can check from the app remotely if the door is simply closed and not closed and this is additional safety information. In some cases this could lead you to use a spring mechanism to always return the door to the closed condition: in any case, know that Nuki always re-closes the normal closing (without single or double delivery) to prevent accidental opening and the door must obviously be completely closed.


An automatic lock designed for European doors that does not require a carpenter for assembly and can be easily installed by anyone. It integrates perfectly with many home automation systems including Homey which integrates it directly into its Flows but the truly flexible direct control software and provides many options that make it versatile for many uses. Nobody, however, prevents you from using it as a basic security system to make sure you always have the door locked with two turns of the key in the evening or when you leave home.

We would have some reservations in using it with vocal systems if not strictly necessary or to protect an internal door but this choice is up to you …

Finally we find that it is a very intelligent system to manage more or less automatic locks by people with motor disabilities, elderly people with movement difficulties who can manage the remote opening with buttons or remote control systems without having to access a dedicated door opener and with the possibility of managing double delivery closures and openings.


Easy to assemble, compatible with all home automation systems, excellent management of the keys already supplied. Manageable remotely via Wi-Fi. Beta management of the opening with very useful magnet


Compensating elements would be needed for even more precise assembly if the cylinder protrudes far from the door.

Retail price

Nuki Combo 2.0 costs, in the version with Bridge Wi-Fi, 299 Euros.