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Smart Koogeek socket review, controlled by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Recensione presa smart Koogeek, si controlla da Alexa o anche Google Home

Among the various smart devices increasingly used by users in the home there are also the sockets, which allow you to turn on and off non-smart devices, and even to control them with the Google or Alexa assistant. This time we try the Koogeek one, really functional and well built.

The Koogeek smart socket is more expensive than other Chinese already on the market, but probably the best known and most widespread brand and, in perspective, ensures greater longevity.

Apparently it is a common Schuko socket, completely white, well assembled, light in weight, but robust to the touch. Unlike others available on the market, the body of the socket is thinner than others and, on the whole, it looks more minimal, with measures of 79.52 x 65 x 72.30 mm, with a weight of just over 100 grams.

Smart Koogeek outlet review, you control it from Alexa or even Google Home

On a technical level, the board reports a voltage of 220 250 V AC 50 Hz / 60 Hz, a maximum current load of 10A, works on 2,412 2,484 GHz wireless frequencies, and supports the IEEE wireless standard IEEE802.11b / g / n.

Smart Koogeek outlet review, you control it from Alexa or even Google Home

The Koogeek socket works only with 2.4 Ghz connections, and for its configuration, simply download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store and follow the instructions on the screen. The reference app should be Koogeek Life, available for free on the respective stores. During our tests, however, we encountered configuration problems with the Koogeek app, and instead decided to use "Smart Life", which we had previously used for other smart sockets.

Smart Koogeek outlet review, you control it from Alexa or even Google Home

This second application, which internally offers the exact same configuration screens on Koogeek Life, worked immediately. After following the simple steps on the screen, the socket was ready for use.

Smart Koogeek outlet review, you control it from Alexa or even Google Home

The main screen, in addition to providing practical and useful information on the weather, shows a list of all the smart sockets installed in the home, therefore not only Koogeek. We had previously configured others, and being all compatible with the Smart Life app, they are all visible and manageable from this one app. By clicking on each of the listed sockets, it will be possible to immediately check their ignition in different ways: a simple tap will allow you to turn the socket on or off, but there is no lack of more advanced functions.

Smart Koogeek outlet review, you control it from Alexa or even Google Home

In fact, it is possible to set a timer to switch off the socket after a certain period of time programmed. It is also possible to enter daily schedules: by setting the automatic switching on and off at certain times of the day. In addition, compared to other cheaper outlets, there is a hub within which you can check the consumption recorded by the use of the smart socket.


The Koogeek smart socket works particularly well, never having recorded a malfunction or a delay in the controls. On click on / off the socket responds immediately and without lag.

Even the timers are fully functional, to turn the socket on and off at predetermined times of the day, as well as the countdown perfectly working. In short, the Koogek socket did not detect weakness during use.

Google Assistant and Alexa

In addition to operation via the app, the Koogeek socket can also be controlled via voice assistants. In this case, simply connect the Smart Life account with which the first access was made via the app for the first configuration, and Google (or Alexa) will automatically recognize all the sockets previously configured in the house. From this moment on, simply run the "ok, google, turn on / off socket …" command to obtain the desired effect. In this case too, the operation did not lend itself to weak points.


The Koogeek socket also compatible with the IFTTT platform. It will be sufficient to install the IFTTT app to be able to automate the socket control. For example, among the countless available actions, the one that allows you to turn the socket on or off when we enter or leave the property.

Smart Koogeek outlet review, you control it from Alexa or even Google Home

Possible uses

Needless to say, there are countless uses at home. Not only is it possible, for example, to choose to switch a lamp on and off at certain times, thus always simulating a constant presence inside the house, but also to power the coffee machine or other appliances in the kitchen, being able to switch them on with a simple voice command .


The Koogeek smart socket works well, there is nothing to object. It is a little more expensive than other less well-known Chinese brands, but the brand still known within the panorama and, probably, this makes the device more secure for long-term support. As has already happened with other smart sockets, the advice is to buy a bundle of four sockets, both to save money, but also to create a more substantial and, therefore, functional smart network at home.


  • It does its job
  • Good materials and assembly
  • compatible with Home, Alexa and IFTTT


  • More expensive than other brands

Retail price

The single socket costs 19.99 euros, while the 4 socket bundle costs 56.99 euros, with a clear saving. The version compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Homekit that we tried on this page costs 37.99 Euros.