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Slow modem? Apple will take care of it

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Slow modem? We will take care of Apple

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A Thread on Apple's technical discussion list seems to hint at the possibility that a software patch may be released in the coming weeks to remedy the problems of speed and connection difficulties experienced by some of the new Apple computers with internal modems. slight variations in modem components – says Apple – it may happen that incompatibilities arise which prevent the V.34 speed from being exceeded. Our manufacturer has identified some non-standard aspects of some ISP equipment that can prevent V.90 connections. We are working to overcome this difficulty. If we succeed we will post an update in Software Updates. At the moment there is no forecast of times in this regard "In recent days, many users of our site too had complained about the impossibility of obtaining stable connections or even exceeding the speed of 33.6 with most national providers when iMacs are used at front loading or the new G4. All this when on the same line with older machines or modems other than internal ones they are able to achieve much higher performances. According to some American sites, as Apple itself says, this would be due to compatibility problems between the latest generation of internal modems and the modems of some providers that are not able to communicate fluidly due to technical problems.

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