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Slingshot is a lot more fun than Snapchat

Slingshot is a lot more fun than Snapchat

The Facebook app to send self-destructing photos and videos available now also in Italy

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<p><strong>Menlo Park</strong>– Just two weeks after its launch in the United States, <strong>Facebook today releases its Slingshot messaging app in Europe too</strong>: from 7 this morning, the app available on iTunes and Google Play, updates permitting.</p><div class='code-block code-block-2' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Long defined as the anti-Snapchat – which Zuckerberg had tried in vain to buy long ago – Slingshot actually has several elements that make it quite different from the yellow app with the little ghost – in addition to some that unite them. As Snapchat, in fact, the extremely essential graphics, you can add a text – but not a sticker – you can draw freehand on the photos.

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<p><strong>Content sent with Slingshot also self-destructs</strong>and once seen they are not recovered anymore – even if you can take all the time you want before throwing them away: in fact, there is no maximum time of duration.</p><div class='code-block code-block-3' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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The biggest difference, however, is access to the content received, which you can view it once you send one in response: the preview of the photo or video is in fact obscured until you send something too.

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Slingshot – which literally means slingshot – opens directly on the front camera, with the possibility of changing with the rear one, and once the photo has been taken, text can be added – to leave at the top or drag (larger) on the image – and scribbles colored. The next step is to choose the recipients and finally sling the photo.

"It is about a completely new way to share" Joey Flynn, Product Designer at Slingshot, told me today. "Instead of being the usual dynamic in which one shows what he is doing, there is this desire to know what others are doing. We don't consider it a messaging app, but a stream of communications to share experiences ”. Definitions aside, Slingshot an invitation to rethink communication in a more spontaneous way – and if you have also disabled the automatic saving of the images that arrive to you on the WhatsApp chats you know what we are talking about.β€œThe photos and videos made so as not to be preserved lend themselves to more genuine, coarser shares. It makes us communicate in the same way we do live: at the moment ", wrote the team in the launch post of the app.

Each content can be sent to one or more people and each participant of the group will be able to unlock photos and videos only by sending a contribution to everyone. It can also be used the Reactions function, which splits the screen in two and takes a picture or shoot a video in the lower half, while in the upper one you can still see the content received. "A way to capture reactions in a more spontaneo".

As mentioned, the contents cannot be saved, but you can alwaysmake a screenshot to keep them clandestinely."We wanted to create something pleasant, that put people at ease: that's why there is no deadline and you can stop on any content for as long as you want": videos, for example, continue in loop until they are thrown away."The problem of screenshots, then, that cannot be disabled".At the heart of Slingshot is the desire toseize and share any moment: that a screenshot can be made, not even a concern anymore.

Developed within the new onesCreative Labs, Slingshot the second app incubated by Facebook and the first available outside the United States. The other, Paper, still exclusive to the American store."Creative Labs a space to explore new projects and initiatives: after Paper and Slingshot there will be others too. It works like a startup incubator, with all the resources we have here. "

The origin of Slingshot dates back to last December, when it was developed in just three days, during a corporate hackaton, by Joey Flynn and Rocky Smith, the team's current Engineering Lead, composed in all of 8 other people, six of whom are programmers.


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