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Slingbox will bring television to the iPhone and touch

Slingbox will bring television to iPhone and touch logomacitynet1200wide 1

Slingbox is a compact device that can be installed in the living room and can send the television signal to any computer and even the main smartphones via the Internet. Thanks to the SlingPlayer Mobile software, the user can practically remotely control the TV, DVD player and even the satellite TV receiver to follow his favorite broadcasts in real time or enjoy a movie recorded directly from a Windows Mobile, Palm OS and Symbian smartphone , as well as of course any Mac or PC computer.

The wide range of supported devices and the high quality of streaming television via the internet have made the service very popular in the United States, for all these reasons for months there have been rumors or only hoped for a version also for iPhone. The websites Engadget and Gizmodo have removed all doubts by showing a preview of a demonstration version, not yet in an alpha version, in essence a first draft of the functions and services offered by SlingPlayer on the iPhone.

While the TV broadcast occupies the main part of the screen, at the bottom you can manage the menus for choosing your favorite channels in addition to the list of stations that scrolls horizontally. At the moment the SlingPlayer demo only works on unlocked iPhones and iPod touch as it takes advantage of functions and services not available with the official SDK, in any case SlingMedia hopes to be soon included in the official Cupertino developer program. From the statements released, SlingMedia claims to have the release of the complete application scheduled for the autumn or winter. A video showing the main functions of SlingPlayer for iPhone is available on YouTube: in the iPhone demonstration, it controls a remote TiVo device.

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