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Slate and iPad compared in an HP document

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A detailed comparative card for internal use by HP transpires on the Internet in which the PC manufacturer compares the new Slate directly to the fearsome Apple iPad competitor. The note for internal use was published on the Internet by the Wired website and seems to have been created precisely to highlight the strengths of the new HP Slate compared to the Apple tablet, in short, material for internal use and consumption, in all likelihood intended for sales staff .

The note is interesting for many reasons: first it anticipates the final sale price of the Slate: $ 600 for the 64GB version, while iPad with the same capacity costs $ 699, while the 32GB Slate version will cost $ 550, compared to 599 iPad. Among the strengths of HP Slate highlighted in the note we also find the 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor against the dedicated Apple A4 CPU that operates at "only" 1 GHz. Here the comparison on the card becomes difficult because little is known of the features and the functions of A4, while the details of Atom (in the certainly not very recent version Atom Z530 and often criticized for its performance) have long been known.

The comparison becomes even more difficult when you consider the operating system: while the note marks Windows 7 as an advantage, iPad works with an ad hoc version of iPhone OS for iPad. The Microsoft operating system was not made thinking primarily of a completely touch user interface, a fundamental detail that will undoubtedly be evident with a direct test of the HP Slate.

The internal comparison card that compares HP Slate with iPad then lists a number of features and functions absent in the Apple tablet: an integrated SD card reader, a USB port, the HDMI output and even a VGA webcam that an infinite number of journalists more or less specialized have indicated as one of the most serious shortcomings of iPad. The list is completed by a 3 megapixel rear camera and by the slot for the standard SIM card, and not a micro SIM as will be the one inside the iPad with 3G connectivity.

Worth noting is the battery life which would be only 5 hours, a significant disadvantage compared to 10, half an hour more, half an hour less, than iPad.

What does not emerge from the HP internal comparison table are the differences on the user interface and on the experience of use which, at least as far as we have been able to experience, we at Macitynet are the strength of iPad. on this aspect that should be expressed before even on the hardware specifications on which the entire HP internal document seems to focus.

In the meantime, a strong suspicion begins to emerge: even in the field of the tablet, it is very probable that we will see Apple's position consolidated with systems that are certainly more closed and proprietary but able to offer a better and more satisfying user experience for the user. Basically very plausible that even in tablets what iPhone has caused in the smartphone sector may occur.